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vila do conde

The village of Vila do Conde is very old, before the foundation of Portugal, and its toponym did not change, it was already Vila do Conde.

The first reference to Vila do Conde is from the year 953 in the book of the countess Mumadona Dias where it is referred to as Villa de Comite.

D. Sancho I fell in love with D. Maria Pais, causing the village to become its possession.
His tetraneta, D. Teresa Martins and his husband Afonso Sanches, illegitimate son of D. Dinis, founded the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara in 1318.

D. Manuel I, delivered a Foral in 1516 and the population of the village participates actively in the Portuguese discoveries, among them Paulo and Francisco Faria in the trip of Vasco da Gama to India.


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